Saturday, 5 March 2011

Arctic Monkey - Brick by Brick

Here is the new song by the Arctic Monkeys that was sprung upon the world yesterday afternoon (Friday 4 March) with little warning.

The video clearly hints that the song was recorded at Hollywood's Sunset Sound Studios, by James Ford, member of Simian Mobile Disco and longtime producer of Arctic Monkeys albums. However, their new album currently doesn't have a release date. It would be interesting to know what people who bought tickets to V Festival where the band are performing think of this new effort from the Sheffield four-piece.

It's hard to ignore how different this song is from past Arctic Monkeys efforts. It sounds like the band have been listening to a fair amount of Queens of the Stone Age recently. Unfortunately, this would be a good song for a lot of lesser bands, but the absence of Alex Turner's usually sharply perceptive lyrics is sorely felt.

What do you think?

Filling my ears at the moment...

I think this song is amazing, but I also love the video. It's like a voyeuristic trip around England, from old people reliving their youth in the dance hall to metal heads going mental at a concert.

This song is spine tingling on her record, and she manages to maintain that on stage too. When you hear her speaking she has such a tiny voice, and then sings and it's like she's possessed! Incredible.