Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator, and his crew of lyrical murders Odd Future, are simultaneously the most interesting and terrifying rappers to emerge from anywhere for a long time. We're talking scarier than Tempa T here. While Mr T will smash up your CD rack, Mr Creator wants to mutilate Bruno Mars and do all sorts of other things that will make Goblin something you won't be listening to around your Grandma's house anytime soon. 

Refusing to be put in a genre, ("we don't make horror core you fucking idiots" clears that one up nicely), Tyler seems to be floating around between the mainstream and underground scene. You can hear his songs on Radio 1 after dark, but only 20 seconds is safe enough for the daytime. He was on Jimmy Fallon with Hodgy Beats, but rapped with hysterical fury in a green balaclava surrounded by gnomes and dead girls in hospital nightgowns. He then proceeded to leap on host's back like a 4 year old child, wagging his tongue behind his head. 

His videos are far removed from the arse waggling and fast cars of other rappers.  Whilst Mann and 50 Cent release boring, predictable '90s throwbacks that sound like the Fresh Prince theme tune starring coconut-boobed women, for Yonkers, Tyler eats a cockroach, vomits and hangs himself. This is tame in comparison to some of his own home-movie type creations that can be found on Youtube. 

What's  most disturbing is he's only just turned 20. 

He is a terrifying breath of fresh air, like being given an oxygen tank by a possessed clown wielding an axe at the scene of a car crash. 

Goblin is released in the UK May 9th.